How to parameterize an encrypted value in a LoadRunner script

How to parameterize a value that was recorded into a VuGen script encrypted.


lr_connect("value1", "value2", lr_decrypt("sadbasrjoqwrbqwrlqwrw"); where "sadbasrjoqwrbqwrlqwrw" is an encrypted value.

How can the user parameterize this value?

Parameterizing an encrypted value

To parameterize the value:
1. Create a parameter to store all the encrypted values.
2. Use lr_eval_string to abstract the value of the parameter.

lr_connect("value1", "value2", lr_decrypt( lr_eval_string("{EncryptedString_param}")));



  1. Simple but a pit fall as ….this is often overlooked…. Thanks!
    Thanks for all the articles in the blog….They are indeed very helpful…!!!

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