Automatic transactions in LoadRunner

Automatic transactions in LoadRunner

Automatic transactions

LoadRunner comes with an automatic transaction feature that will instruct the Vuser to mark each Action or each step (Web script only) in the Vuser script as transactions.

To set this option,
1. Go to Run-Time Settings -> General -> Miscellaneous (LR 7.6).
2. Set the appropriate setting from the "Automatic transaction" section. The available options are:

Define each action as a transaction:
This option marks each Action as a transaction for performance measurements. By default, all types of Vusers come with Vuser_init, Action, and Vuser_end transactions. If you add or rename an Action, then you will see a separate transaction being reported as defined in the script.

Define each step as a transaction (Web only):
This option marks each step in the Web script as a transaction for performance measurements. By default, this transaction will have the following naming convention:


name Step name of that URL
action Name of the section in which the step is present (e.g., Action1)
line_number Line number of that statement in the script

You can eliminate the Action name and line number from the automatic transaction’s name if you change the following option: 1. Go to Run-Time settings -> Internet Protocol (LR7.6) -> Preferences.
2. In the "Advanced" section, clear the "File and line in automatic transaction names" option.


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