How to set up the SAP monitor

How to set up the SAP monitor

Setting up the SAP monitor


The SAP monitor supports SAP R/3 server versions 3.1 to 4.6 (Kernel release 46D and below).

Set up a user ID in SAP for LoadRunner. This user ID must have access to the st03 transaction (st04 if monitoring st04 transaction). Otherwise, no metrics will be returned even though LoadRunner is able to connect.


You need to have LoadRunner7.02 or above. For monitoring against st04 transaction, however, you need

  • LoadRunner 7.5 or higher
  • QTSAP 7.3 build 170 or above
  • Install the Virtual User add-in on the Controller machine for LoadRunner 7.5 and 7.51. This is not required for 7.6 or above.

· You need to have license for SAP monitor. If not, please contact your local Sales Representative.

· SAPGUI 6.2 client or below installed on the Controller machine.

· Make sure that you use the user ID with access permission (refer to the server section) to the st03 and/or st04 transaction:

1. Open SAP and login with the user ID.
2. There is a text box in the top left corner where you can type in a transaction.
3. Type in st03 or st04.
4. If a screen comes up with metrics or choices for metrics, LoadRunner should be able to monitor SAP.

Adding the SAP monitor from the Controller:
1. In the Controller, look for the "SAP" monitor in the ERP/CRM Server Resource Section.
2. Display the graph by dragging it to the right. Right-click in the graph and select "Add Measurement(s)." You should see the "SAP" monitor window.
3. In the Monitored Server Machines section of the SAP dialog box, click <Add> to enter the server name or IP address of the machine you want to monitor. Select the platform on which the machine runs, and click <OK>.

You can also specify a system number and IP address in the Add Machine dialog box using the following format:

<IP address:system number>


4 Click <Add> in the Resource Measurements section of the SAP dialog box. The SAP Monitor Logon dialog box opens. Enter your Login Name, Password, Server Name, and Client.

If you want to connect to the SAP monitor through a router, you need to enter the router string into the Server Name field. A router string has the format:



· RouterString has the format /H/<IP_ADDRESS>/H/<IP_ADDRESS>/H/.

· ServerIP is the application server IP address.

· xx is the system number.

router string = /H/
application server IP address =
system number = 00

You should enter the following string into the Server Name field:

5. Click <OK>. The Add SAP Monitor Measurements dialog box will open. Select the counters to add and add them.
6 Click <OK> in the SAP dialog box to activate the monitor.


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