Transactions are being summarized together rather than separately in Analysis

Transactions are being summarized together rather than separately in Analysis

Transactions from different scripts are being summarized together in the Analysis report if they have the same name. For example, the user has 10 scripts that have a "Login" transaction in each of them. The LoadRunner Summary and Analysis reports come back lumping them together as one "Login" transaction, rather than 10 separate "Login" transactions separated based on the script.

Diagnosis: When multiple scripts are executed in a scenario, transactions are summarized together by name, no matter what scripts are executing them. Thus, if the user has a transaction named "Login" in different scripts, LoadRunner Analysis will lump them together.


Rename the transactions so they are different

There are two solutions to this.

1. Rename the Actions and transactions in the script so they are different.


2. In Analysis, you can separate the transactions by groups. To do so, bring up the Transaction graphs, right-click, and select "Set Filter/Group By." From here, you can group by scripts, group’s name, etc. After doing this, all the transactions will be separated by the group options.

Please note that option 2 will not work for the initial Summary information in Analysis. If you need the summary to display separate transactions for each script, you will have to apply solution 1.


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