Warning: “Digital Signature Not Found” when installing LoadRunner on Windows 2000

Warning: "Digital Signature Not Found" when installing LoadRunner on Windows 2000

Near the end of installation, the following pop-up message appears. What does it mean? Will it cause a problem?

Title: "Digital Signature Not Found"

Message: T"he Microsoft digital signature affirms that software has been tested with Windows and that the software has not been altered since it was tested. The software you are about to install does not contain Microsoft digital signature. Therefore, there is no guarantee that this software works correctly with Windows.

Unknown software package

If you want to search for Microsoft digitally signed software, visit the Windows Update Web site at http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com to see it one is available

Do you want to continue the installation?"


LoadRunner is not in Microsoft’s digitally signed software database

This message will not appear unless the local security policy of the machine is altered. To change it:

1. Go to Start -> Programs -> Administrator tools -> Local Security Policy, to access the local security settings.

2. From there, go to Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options. You will notice that the last two entries are

Unsigned driver installation behavior

Unsigned non-driver installation behavior

The default for these two settings is "Undefined." As such, most installations will be fine. However, if you change it, or if the setting is change by the domain (Note: The domain setting overrides the local setting.), then you will have other behavior. The pop-up message appears if the setting is set to "Warn but allow installation."

Currently, LoadRunner is still not in the Microsoft digitally signed software database. However, LoadRunner has been QA’d by Mercury on Windows, and Microsoft does use LoadRunner themselves for testing purposes. As a work-around:

1. Ignore the messages, or

2. Turn off the setting (which is off by default).


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