Error: “Out of memory” when recording a Java script

Error: "Out of memory" when recording a Java script

When recording a script using the Java-based Vuser, the user receives the error, "Out of memory." There is a lot of memory on the system.

Diagnosis:There is a huge file generated on the script folder with an .asc extension.

Set the "Generate Recording Log" option to FALSE

The huge file generated under the script folder (.asc) is the recording log file. In order to overcome the out of memory problem, you need to avoid generating this huge file. This can be done by changing the Recording Options.

1. Open VuGen.
2. Go to Tools -> Recording Options -> Recording Properties: Recorder Options.
3. Uncheck the settin for Generate Recording Log" (or set it to FALSE on some LoadRunner versions ).

Try to rerecord. The .asc file should not be generated.


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