Issues recording Java record and replay script in VuGen with Java web start (JNLP)

Issues recording Java record and replay script in VuGen with Java web start (JNLP)

When recording a Java record and replay script in VuGen against a Sun Java Web Start (JNLP) application, problems, including java exceptions/crashes may be encountered with the Java Web Start client (javaws.exe).

It is common to encounter issues with the Sun Java Web Start client (javaws.exe) due to the complexity of the Java Web Start technology, the variety of JNLP implementaiton methods, the local client environment, and the fact that LoadRunner’s recording engine needs to hook into the Java runtime client at the JVM level which can fool security software into thinking VuGen’s hooking mechanisim is a security risk (when it is not).

HP recommends instead of attempting to record a Java Web Start application "end to end" in VuGen, that a batch file is developed to start the Java application from the command line, using the appropriate Java environment (CLASSPATH, JAVA_HOME, PATH, etc) — this command/batch file using the standard Java JRE (java.exe) to execute the application, rather than attempting to record the application launching it via the Java Web Start portion.

This batch/command file should be developed and tested outside of VuGen, prior to developing the script in VuGen. Once the startup batch file has been tested and is working, create a Java record and replay script, specifying the batch file as the application type in the VuGen recording options.

Using a batch file to start a Java application in lieu of Java Web Start, will not in any way affect load testing of the Java application, and will make the development process much less error prone.



  1. HI, I faced the issue and worked as per your advise and now I’m able to launch the jnlp file from vugen but after login to screen nothing is recorded…..we are using HTTP/HTTP protocol, could you pleae help me to overcome this issue

  2. Hi
    I am also able to invoke the application during recording however vugen does not record any events. Any clues or were you able to solve this issue?

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