Trending reports hangs in “looking for available data processor” state

Trending reports hangs in "looking for available data processor" state

Trending reports hangs indefinitely in "Looking for available Data Processor" state

The trending report generation is not able to use the Data Processor assigned in the Host pool.

The suggestions to resolve this issue are

a) Make sure there is enough disk space on the Data Processor machine

b) Clean the TEMP folder or move it to another drive

c) Free the Data Processor host from the pending collations or analysis task or any other invalid runs in which the Data Processor was earlier used as a host.

Uploaded scripts from VuGen to ALM PC 11.00 fails – cannot display script content

Uploaded scripts from VuGen to ALM PC 11.00 fails – cannot display script content

Using ALM Performance Center 11.00 with SP2 installed on the ALM Platform and Patch 4v2 installed on the PC Hosts and Servers.

When trying to upload scripts from VuGen to the ALM 11.00 server using the “Save As” option, the Upload Script pop up in Windows that allows the Upload method to be selected is not displayed. The uploaded file is created in ALM 11 but trying to view the script file throws the error message:

Cannot display script content

VuGen and Patch 3 have been uninstalled and re-installed it again

Installation problem in a specific VuGen machine. Tried uploading files from several other VuGen machines and there was no problem.

The problematic machine has the products UnifiedReporting and Winrunner installed with Standalone Application (SA) VuGen 11.00.

The problem was resolved with the following actions:

1. Remove the Winrunner and UnifiedReporting products from the problematic machine.

2. Uninstall Standalone Application (SA) 11.00 VuGen and SA 11.00 Analysis

3. Re-install SA VuGen and Analysis and apply 11.00 Patch 3 to these products

To verify the SA VuGen and Analysis installation with 11.00 Patch 3 installed. Open VuGen, go to Help > About Details. For a correct Performance Center SA machine with both SA VuGen and SA Analysis installed the Product Information page should display

Product Name: HP LoadRunner Software 11.00

Product Version:

Product Build: Build 9375

Installed Products:

Product Name Version


Installed Components:

Component Name Version


Load Generator

Online Documentation

Protocol SDK


Vuser Generator

Installed Patches:

Patch Name

HP Virtual User Generator 11.00 Patch 3

HP Analysis 11.00 Patch 3

Cannot execute, download, edit or save a Java Vuser script migrated to ALM-PC 11.00

Cannot execute, download, edit or save a Java Vuser script migrated to ALM-PC 11.00

Using ALM-PC 11.00 Patch 4v2 to test a script migrated from PC 9.52 to a PC 11.00 test project. The project was migrated using the HP-ALM – Performance Center Migration Tool – Version 5.00.

When attempting to run the first load test with PC 11.00 and using a migrated script, PC 11.00 failed to copy all the test script files to the Load Generators. Consequently the Vusers showed errors and the load test failed to run. Further investigation shows that a script_name.asc file is missing from the migrated script folder. Trying to save the script to the local file system in PC 11.00 VuGen also throws the error

Failed to copy file C:DOCUME~1 <snip> script_name.asc

The ALM-Performance Center Migration Tool version 5.00 fails to handle the .asc file contained in a Java Vuser script folder. Consequently any file with a .asc suffix will not be migrated to PC 11.00 correctly.

A possible workaround:

1. Open the problematic script PC 9.52 using VuGen 9.52.

2. Export the script to a Vugen zip and save it to a local file system.

3. Copy the zip to a Vugen 11.00 machine. Login to ALM-PC Test Plan and use Upload VuGen Scripts to upload the zip to PC 11.00.

4. Open the script in Vugen 11.00, edit if necessary and save it to the PC 11.00 Test Plan. The scripts will now work correctly in PC 11 and can be opened and downloaded to the local filesystem with Vugen.

A fix is also available for the PC 11.00 Migration Tool. Install the attached MigrationLogic.dll into the bin folder of the PC 11 Migration Tool and rerun the migration again.

ALM PC 11 migration fails with ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

ALM PC 11 migration fails with ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

Trying to migrate all the projects from PC 9.52, located on a Win 2003 Server, using an Oracle 10g DB, into a new ALM-PC 11.00 deployment. The destination configuration is as follows:

– SRV1 with ALM 11.00 SP2, PC extension Patch 4v2 and Repository

– SRV2 with PC 11.00 PC Server Patch 4v2

– SRV3 with PC 11.00 PC Server Patch 4v2 and the ALM-PC Migration Tool version 5.00

All the ALM-PC servers are working on Win 2008 Server 64bits EN, using an Oracle 11g DB. The Lab Management System Health tool is reporting no errors. New ALM-PC 11.00 projects are in production and load tests are running.

The problem is with migrating data from the PC 9.52 projects. During the run of the PC Migration Tool every connection test passes (DB, File system, etc.) and when the migration starts the PC Lab Project data are imported with no problem (users, machines, etc…). However the migrated ALM-PC 11.00 projects are created but nothing is copied into them. The following Oracle error is displayed in the Migration Tool log file:

Failed","xxxxx","Project","19","xxxxx","Project Completion","26","xxxxx","Project migration interrupted: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied ; Project migration is not completed

The ALM-PC Migration Tool version 5.00 hits an unexpected condition. The ALM Site Admin default password "tdtdtd" was used during the ALM installation and deployment of the PC Extensions. This password was subsequently changed by the ALM DBA before the Migration Tool was run for the first time. The problem is the Migration Tool pcserver user is still passing the "tdtdtd" password to the ALM database but this is no longer valid. Consequently the Migration Tool fails with the ORA-01017 error.

A fix to the ALM-Performance Center Migration version 5.00 tool is under investigation.

The following workaround was proven effective in this case:

1. Delete manually all the projects created by previous migration attempts, including the PC_TEMPLATE_PROJECT

2. Go to the ALM Site Administration DB Servers page and click on Performance Center User Password

3. In the New Password dialogue box change the password to be tdtdtd and retype this again to confirm

4. Restart the ALM service

5 Run the ALM-PC Migration tool and migrate the Lab Project data in order to create properly the PC_TEMPLATE_PROJECT plus just one user project only

6. If step 5 is successful run the Migration Tool to complete the migration of all the user projects

Compilation is failing on RTE scripts in Performance Center/LoadRunner

Compilation is failing on RTE scripts in Performance Center/LoadRunner

If you are getting the following error when running a load test from a remote Load Generator:

‘Error: Vuser compilation failed’.

This issue occurred in Performance Center 11 and was reproduced in LoadRunner 11 as well.

The cause of this issue is because all files are not getting transferred to the remote Load Generator and so compilation fails.

Please follow the steps given below:

1. Open the script in the VuGen.

2. Go to the main menu and go to "File"->"Add Files to Script…".

3. Choose "logon.h". After this you can find "logon.h" on the left panel in the UI of VuGen.

4. Now save the script in VuGen

After performing the above steps, all file needed will be transferred to the remote Load Generators and the load test will execute without compilation errors.

Silent installation options on adding multiple license PC servers and PC hosts

Silent installation options on adding multiple license PC servers and PC hosts

For the silent installation use the UserInput.xml file for configuration parameters.

The UserInput.xml file is located in the Installation Software folder in <PC>\Setup\Install\Server\dat\Setup\PCS\Xml\UserInput.xml.

Here is the sample UserInput.xml file:

<Project xmlns="">

– <PropertyGroup>



<PC_License />

<LR_License />

<PC_External_URL />

<PC_Internal_URL />



There is only provision to enter one PC server license in PC_License field and one PC host license in LR_License field.

If you have additional licenses, then after the installation is done, go to Lab Management and add them one at a time.

Please refer to ALM Installation Guide for adding licenses.

Error: unable to get local issuer certificate

Error: unable to get local issuer certificate

Web protocol (or web transport based protocol) the following error appears during the recording:

"[SSL:] X509 certificate error 20: unable to get local issuer certificate"

There is a requirement to verify the certificate provided is valid.

Add the following step at the beginning of the script:

web_set_sockets_option("LOAD_VERIFY_FILE", "1");