Getting error message when adding Full host server in Lab Management

Getting the following error message when i trying to add a host in Lab Management.

" Host installation is invalid"

The cause is that the installation is not alright.

1. Check whether you are able to add the host as a StandAlone host.

2. Check with "netstat -an" at the command prompt whether port 8731 is listening.

3. Check if the following 4 Performance Center (PC) Services are running on full Hosts –


RemoteManagement Agent Service,

Performance Center Agent Service, and

Performance Center Load Testing Service.

4. If all the above services are not running, then repair the PC host installation from control panel —> add/remove programs —> PC Host — Here click on Support information

—> Click on "Repair"

5. If all the services are still not running, then do a clean uninstall and reinstall of PC Host and apply patches that are needed.

6. Check if all services are running and whether port 8731 is listening. If so, then try adding the PC host as a Full host (Controller, LG, and Data Processor).


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