How to verify that the script is replayed successfully

In VuGen, the Test Results say the iteration passed with 0 failed and 0 warnings. However, the user sees some application error in the tree view. How can the user ensure that the script is replayed successfully?

Insert some verification points in the script

The best way to verify whether the test is successful is to insert some validation points into the script. You can use them to find a unique string that should appear in the expected page if the script execution is successful.

In the screenshot:

1. The step for MercuryWebTours is successful since the snapshot of Recording and the snapshot of result1 are same. This means that LoadRunner receive the same page during replay as it did during recording.

2. The step for Login.pl2 is not successful even though the server returns a page. You can see that LoadRunner shows different snapshot for recording and replay.

For a Web script, what you can do is to use the web_reg_find or we_find function to search for a specific string. Referring to the sample, you should search for:

1. The "Welcome to the Mercury Web Tours" string for MercuryWebTours step, and

2. The "Welcome,jojo" string for Login.pl2.

If the string is not found, there is a problem, and it should return some error.


When you perform a load, you might get a "No match found" error for the web_reg_find function. In most cases, it means the application/server you are testing failed in terms of its scalability. It is not a failure of your test but you successfully detected the scalability problem in the application/servers.


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