SiteScope 11.1X work with Performance Center 11 Topology integration

Does Performance Center (PC) version 11’s new topology feature work in Sitescope 11.1X?

Currently PC11’s Topology appears to work — but only with SiteScope 11.01, not 11.1X.

SiteScope in version 11.1X by default use "secured APIs". The following workaround is needed for the Topology function in PC11 to work with SiteScope 11.1X:

This is done on the SiteScope server:

– stop the SiteScope services

– add the following to your SiteScope master.config file:


– restart the SiteScope services. SiteScope 11.1X will now not use secured APIs, and the PC11 topology feature should work.

This will be documented and further tested (and improved) in future product releases/patches.


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