Troubleshooting tips for a license error in Performance Center

Check the license

1. Make sure that the license is valid. To verify the license:

Log on to the admin site.

Go to System Configuration: License page.

2. Make sure that you do not exceed the limit for the Vuser/Machine/Concurrent Run limit. To verify:

Log on to the admin site.

Go to Miscellaneous: Privilege Manager -> Projects page.

3. Make sure that user is logged into all TestCenter servers (Web server, File Server, etc.).

4. Make sure that DCOM has not been turned off. To verify:

a) Go to Start -> Run.

b) Enter dcomcnfg.

c) Click <No> in the pop-up dialogs, if there are any.

d) In the "Distributed COM Configuration Properties" window, go to the "Default Properties" tab and verify the following:

1. "Enable Distributed COM on this computer" is selected.

2. "Default Authentication level" is set to "Connect."

3. "Default Impersonation Level" is set to "Identify."

5. On their utility server, try to register OrchidUtils.dll within the <Performance Center>\bin directory. This DLL is associated with the applying and retrieving the license from the Performance Center database.

6. If none of the above helps, try to reboot all of the server machines.

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