Load mode replay for Ajax Tru Client protocol fails with error: “Activate browser window #2 ** failed – runtime error:”

Load mode replay for Ajax Tru Client protocol fails with error

Activate browser window #2 ** failed – runtime error:
‘Ordinal’: The specified value (2) is invalid [MsgId: MERR-203254]

The script replays fine in interactive mode.  

This issue is specific to LR/PC 11.03 version (Works fine with LR/PC 11.02).

There is a problem with function “Activate tab” which doesn’t recognise any other tab than the first one.

To fix this issue follow the below steps

1. Open your script and click on “develop script”.

2. This will launch the Firefox browser.

3. Type at the Firefox browser

4. Find “disable_open_during_load” and set it to false.

5. Save the script again (Copy to controller again etc.).



  1. I have a similar error but changing the disable_load field in the way you describe it didn’t help. Looking on the internet but still my script doesn’t run in LoadMode, where an object isn’t found. And i have another issue coming up because i try to run this script also in the controller to see if it worked, it didn’t work but i also saw that during the run my transactions did not come up, the transactions before the step which fails. Maybe you can help me asap ?

  2. Hi,

    im running Truclient script in load mode using load runner controller. i’m getting the below error in the log file:
    Internal Error – [JavaScript Error: “activeBrowser.contentWindow is undefined” {file: “chrome://truclientrredefault/content/listeners/NetListener.js” line: 14}] [MsgId: MMSG-205200] [MsgId: MMSG-205200]
    same script is working fine in interactive reply. The application has used ADF framework.

    is there anyway we can run the truclient scripts in load mode?

    thanks for your help in advance.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. i have similar issue “Activate browser window #2 ** failed – runtime error:”
    I tried the above option ““disable_open_during_load” and set it to false.” but it is not fixed for me
    Could you please help me on this.

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