ALM-PC: How to remove an orphaned Collate Results Remote Task

If you are using ALM-PC 11.00 Patch 4v2 the currently Running Tasks window accessed through My Performance Center will show a Collate Results Remote Task in progress from a load test which was executed over a month ago. In this case the Progress column shows Executing "Collate Results" for run id: 64: (0%) and it does not change.

If you check the status of Run id 64 in ALM-PC Lab Management > Test Runs , it shows the Run State as "Before Creating Analysis Data". Furthermore for Run id 64 the file is available for download or Analysis, therefore the hung Collate Results Task displayed in My Performance Center is no longer required.

To remove the orphaned Collate Results Remote Task from the Currently Running Tasks window

1. Connect to Site Administration > Site Projects > and select the Project database of the project reporting the problem.

2. Expand the TASKS table and the TASK_DESCRIPTION column to look for Executing "Collate Results" for run id: 64 (in this case). This will give you the TASK_ID of the orphaned Results Collation task (e.g. 1009).

3. On the same page Execute SQL to update the TASK_STATE to 5. For example:

UPDATE tasks

SET task_state=5

WHERE task_id=1009

4. Run My Performance Center and check the Running Tasks window to see if problem is resolved.

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