Installation stuck on ‘Registering Modules’ when installing a patch on a PC 11.00 Host or Server

During the installation of a patch on a Performance Center (PC) 11.00 Host or Server, if the process is stuck on ‘Registering Modules’ the reason for this error is because the MSI process is stuck on registering a DLL and this is blocking the installation from completing the process.

To fix this issue

• Open the Task Manager,

• Kill the appropriate MSIEXEC process (the one with the highest CPU).

This will free the installation lock and the patch installation will complete.


1 Comment

  1. Hi,

    I’m having the same error and i tried the changes you posted for firefox but that did not fixed the issue. I’mm using LR 11 Patch 4.

    Do you have any other sugestion?

    Best regards,

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