Hostname resolution issue installing of Business Service Manager on RedHat

In Business Service Manager (BSM) the below error message about a Component Package Installation failed can be seen:

There was a failure with this installation. Component package installation command has returned a non-zero error code. HP Business Service Management will not be installed. To rollback this installation and remove all the installed packages, click Rollback. To cancel the installation and leave all the packages intact, click Quit. To retry the installation, click Retry.

error: %post(HPOvSecCo-11.00.044-1.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

HPOvSecCore configuration has failed because the hostname and the IP address of the system are not mapped. Hence the nslookup and the getaddrinfo() system call fails.

The “hostname | nslookup” command can be issued to see the results.

Correct the DNS server zone file.
The system hostname should be the same resolved by the DNS server using the IP address.


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