No data is seen in SAM Reports for a single group of Monitors

No data can be seen in SAM SiteScope Over time reports in BSM for one monitor group only.
There is data from dashboard view through SiteScope Quick Report.
Issue can be caused by enabled data reduction feature in SiteScope

Disable the data reduction feature in Sitescope.

set _topazEnforceUseDataReduction=false in MASTER.CONFIG


With data reduction ENABLED (=TRUE), SiteScope doesn’t send all the samples and hence the Dashboard status may turn into grey. Hence, a new KPI was added and with data reduction feature. With this, even though SiteScope may not report samples for any monitor, it will report samples for top level KPI ‘System Availability’. This KPI will implies that SiteScope is still running. However, this is not needed when data reduction feature is turned off as SiteScope will report the samples for all monitors regularly. Hence, this KPI turns up as Grey.


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