Selected counters in UNIX Resource Monitor could disappear

In SiteScope (SiS) the selected and saved processes in Unix Resource Monitor could disappear when the properties page is open just after saving the monitor.
The processes are visible in the Dashboard and they forward data to the user but in Properties tab , and in the Thresholds tab the process names are missing.

The cause of the issue is that the process names contain double slashes “//”.


Output of “ps axgf”


.. prod/oamz//bin/heartbeatmanager /logs/oam/logs


Linux/Unix ignores the double slashes (“//”) but SiS has problem with them.

The workaround is to remove the double slashes from the UNIX command giving the process data from the monitored Unix machine.

The given workaround is for Linux and RedHad monitored servers.

SiS uses the command -> ss ww -e -o vsz=MEMSIZE -o ruid=USER -o pid=PID -o pcpu=CPU% -o args=COMMAND
To remove the double slashes – “//”, the “| sed -e ‘s/\/\//\//g’” command has to be added.

The operating system for which the file is responsible is mentioned in the first row of the file “<commands ostypes=”Lin,Linux,Linux26,Redhat”>”

The two files to be edited:
1) C:\SiteScope\templates.os\browsable\ LinuxCommands.xml
2) C:\SiteScope\templates.os\browsable\ Linux26Commands.xml

The changed part:
<command name=”Process Stats”>
<arg type=”map” name=”command”>
<element name=”exe” value=”ps”/>
<element name=”options” value=”ww -e -o vsz=MEMSIZE -o ruid=USER -o pid=PID -o pcpu=CPU% -o args=COMMAND | sed -e ‘s/\/\//\//g'”/>
<element name=”getobject-options” value=”-o vsz=MEMSIZE -o ruid=USER -o pid=PID -o nlwp=THREADS -o pcpu=CPU -o args=COMMAND -p 1 | sed -e ‘s/\/\//\//g’ “/>
<arg type=”map” name=”regex”>
<element name=”instance” value=”COMMAND.*”/>
<element name=”ignoreColumns” value=””/>
<element name=”readFromInstanceColumnToEnd” value=”true”/>
<arg type=”map” name=”name”>
<element name=”object” value=”Process”/>



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