Error repeating in log after 11.20 upgrade

Getting the following errors looping in the error.log:

2012-06-11 16:18:52,683 [ImportTimer] ( ERROR – Failed to remove MDW template. Therefore import of new MDW template is ignored. Please, remove old MDW templates and tags manually.

2012-06-11 16:19:52,698 [ImportTimer] ( ERROR – Commit verification failed due to:

2012-06-11 16:19:52,698 [ImportTimer] ( ERROR – Dependency exception, cannot delete current entity due to dependencies found upon it, details: The entity is referenced by

Template entities:

%%host_dnsname%% %%host_username%%;

Please remove this reference before deleting current entity

This error occurs when SiteScope is trying to import a template/group/monitor and there is already one imported into SiteScope.

This behavior is standard sis behavior when importing silently from the hot folder (persistency/import): if a template container exists in persistency, a unique name violation prevents sis from importing the same template container from a file.

Removing\renaming the template container before import solves the problem, or if a merge/override is desired it is possible to do it from the UI starting in 11.12.

Related Quixy information:

Check to see if there are any files in the sitescope/peristency/import directory.

Rename any files in this directory and restart SiteScope.

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