SiteScope System Health – how to install on Linux

SiteScope System Health on Linux is available since SiteScope 11.10, however it requires a patch to act as System Health.

Install SiteScope 11.10 on Linux, choose "HP SiteScope" as option (System Health is NOT available at that time)

Stop SiteScope

Install patch

SIS_00173 (for Linux SiteScope 11.10 32-bit)


SIS_00174 (for Linux SiteScope 11.10 64-bit)

In the example below SiteScope 11.10 64 bit has been installed on a 64 bit RH Linux system, thus patch SIS_00174 needs to be downloaded and installed:

# unzip


creating: linux64/package/

inflating: linux64/package/SystemHealth-11.10.000-Linux2.6_64.rpm

inflating: linux64/package/SystemHealth-11.10.000-Linux2.6_64.rpm.xml

inflating: linux64/

inflating: linux64/readme.txt

inflating: linux64/

# cd linux64

# ls

package readme.txt

# chmod +x

# ./

INFO: This script will remove following rpm packages:

1. SiteScope-11.10.000-Linux.rpm

2. SiteScopeProduct-11.10.000-Linux.rpm

Script will install:

SystemHealth-11.10.000-Linux<32/64>.rpm (SystemHealth content)

If you want to proceed the action input Y and press ENTER

otherwise input N and press ENTER >

The script will executed

INFO: (./ Validating SiteScope installation

INFO: ( Installation verified

INFO: ( Checking existence of: SiteScope-11.10.000

INFO: ( Checking existence of: SiteScopeProduct-11.10.000

INFO: ( Uninstalling: SiteScope-11.10.000

INFO: ( Uninstalling: SiteScopeProduct-11.10.000

INFO: ( Installing: SystemHealth-11.10.000-Linux2.6_64.rpm

INFO: Executing configuration wizard

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