SiteScope metrics not available in HP PM when integrated to PM and HP BSM

When HP SiteScope (SS) 11.10 is integrated with standalone HP Performance Manager (PM) 9.00.00 and the same SS server is integrated to HP Business Service Management (BSM) 9.x, the metrics are no longer viewable in PM. The metrics continue to be visible in BSM 9.0.

SiteScope cannot be integrated with BSM as well as standalone PM. SiteScope should be integrated to one of the products, either BSM or PM, but not both as integration with BSM take precedence over integration with PM.

Seeing _reportTopology=true when runn getfullconfiguraiton api

If you use the web services API in SiteScope extensively you might have a concern with the getFullConfigurationSnapshot method. Script monitors as well as several other monitors do not allow BAC Topology reporting. This is not an option in the SiteScope GUI. However, script monitors might show ‘_reportTopology’ => ‘true’ in the output. Report Topology has known problems in certain versions of BAC and HP support has instructed to disable topology reporting on SiteScope.

Review the “Using SiteScope” manual in which it is mentioned that Monitors Not Reporting Topology Data By Default Following is a list of those monitors that do not monitor the status of a host or server. For these monitors to report CI information to BSM, you must select the CI type, enter the required CI key attributes, and select an indicator relevant for the CI type linked to the monitor. The monitors include:

Composite Monitor

Directory Monitor

e-Business Transaction Monitor

File Monitor

Formula Composite Monitor

HP NonStop Event Log Monitor

JMX Monitor (when not monitoring WebLogic)

Link Check Transaction Monitor

Log File Monitor

Microsoft Windows Dial-up Monitor

Microsoft Windows Media Player Monitor

Multi Log File Monitor

Network Bandwidth Monitor

Real Media Player Monitor

Script Monitor

SNMP Trap Monitor

URL Monitor

URL Content Monitor

URL List Monitor

URL Sequence Monitor

XML Metrics Monitor

These monitors by default do not report to BSM/BAC and it really doesn’t matter what the _reportTopology flag is set or not. The _reportTopology is simply a placeholder for the class instances and is not used on the above monitors.

SiteScope hangs when Opening the GUI

SiteScope 11.12 64 bit installed on Windows server 2008 64 bit.

When trying to login to SiteScope and when opening the GUI or dashboard, SiteScope hangs and progress bar is showing, and stays at the same status.

To restart, the browser needs to be closed and opened up again.

This is a problem with the Java client used.

Make sure the JRE 6 is of update 027 or higher – there is a known published bug with JRE 24-26 which hangs the UI.

SiteScope Log Monitor error message “iconv: illegal input sequence at position”

In SiteScope (SiS) the Log Monitor using "server-side processing" could throw the error message:

ERROR – Error during log parsing: iconv: illegal input sequence at position

The "server-side processing" feature converts the monitored log/text file on the LINUX system.

The used command is iconv – Convert encoding of given files from one encoding to another.

The error message is from the command because the chosen file encoding in the monitor settings does not correspond to the real file encoding.

A different file encoding should be selected, till the error disappears.