SiteScope failed to start

If you have installed SiteScope 11.0 version on Linux machine and if the install was successful but if it is fails to start and in result if you are unable to logon to the web-site for further configurations .

fmdqaipt005:fmdadm,207% ./start

SiteScope failed to start as a background process

fmdqaipt005:fmdadm,208% ./stop

SiteScope service process not running – pid file not found

SiteScope monitor process not running – monpid file not found

The reason for this is because you don’t have root access when starting SIS

Validate if the user has root access to start and stop the SIS processes in Linux

Once the user gets a SUDO command to start and stop SIS this problem will be resolved.

SiteScope Daily Restart Behavior Change 11.x

Since upgrading to SiteScope 11.0, the service does not seem to restart every 24 hours as before.

This is a new feature for SiteScope 11.x and future versions. The SiteScope service no longer requires a daily restart to reallocate resources to the service. This will increase the overall uptime of the service and monitoring process. SiteScope can still be manually stopped and started, however this should only be necessary during troubleshooting and not be needed regularly.

SiteScope 10.x Disables Skipping Monitors Rather than Restarting

SiteScope is disabling monitors after six skips, sending an alert, and then re-enables the monitors. The action can be found in the <SS>\logs\runMonitor.log.

Below is an example entry from the runMonitor.log:

2010-09-10 22:17:51,216 [Monitor Scheduler] ( ERROR – SiteScope Disabling monitor: GroupName (MonitorName) exceeded maxMonitorSkips limit(6)

Below is an example email notification received:

Can Sitescope 11.x use license for Sitescope 10.x?

License keys from previous versions of SiteScope are not compatible with this version.

License key delivery can be fulfilled automatically via

Existing customers should use the following link to retrieve an updated license:

For details, please refer to the SiteScope 11.x’s release notes.

Monitors Disable After Skips

In SiteScope 10.12, SiteScope disables monitors after six consecutive skips have occurred. In the past, the SiteScope service has restarted. Has this changed?

In SiteScope 10.12, the default behavior setting can be found in the <SS>\groups\master.config:


When set to "true" SiteScope will restart the service in an attempt to correct the skip behavior. If the _shutdownOnSkips= value is blank or removed from the master.config file, then SiteScope will instead temporarily disable any monitor that reaches the skip threshold. After a single run frequency, the monitor will re-enable and the skip count will begin again from zero.

Please note the default master.config setting that determines the maximum skip threshold:


In SiteScope 11.X, this feature is built into the SiteScope user interface skip preferences.

How To Enable/Disable Downtime Mode in SiteScope 11.x

How can the SiteScope administrator enable or disable allowing BSM downtimes to be scheduled on the SiteScope server.

In SiteScope 11.x, BSM scheduled downtimes for monitors and/or alerts can be allowed or denied by editing the properties of the SiteScope Infrastructure Preferences in the user interface. Within the Infrastructure Preferences, select General Settings and toggle the "Enable downtime mechanism" check box to either allow or deny downtime control from BSM.