Monitors Disable After Skips

In SiteScope 10.12, SiteScope disables monitors after six consecutive skips have occurred. In the past, the SiteScope service has restarted. Has this changed?

In SiteScope 10.12, the default behavior setting can be found in the <SS>\groups\master.config:


When set to "true" SiteScope will restart the service in an attempt to correct the skip behavior. If the _shutdownOnSkips= value is blank or removed from the master.config file, then SiteScope will instead temporarily disable any monitor that reaches the skip threshold. After a single run frequency, the monitor will re-enable and the skip count will begin again from zero.

Please note the default master.config setting that determines the maximum skip threshold:


In SiteScope 11.X, this feature is built into the SiteScope user interface skip preferences.


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