Diagnostics server keeps running out of disk space

If the Diagnostics server keeps running out of disk space the following can be changed to optimize Diagnostics use of disk space.

For the time being, if both commander and mediator are supporting lots of probes, please do the changes given below :

1. For both servers in server.properties:

probe.pull.max.threads = 15




2. For mediator server only, in webserver.properties:

facade.request_threads = 100

3. Increase the jvm max heap size as needed in server.nanny file.

Please also look into each probe and see if there are lots of unique server request. If yes, please consider ways to reduce the number of unique server requests. This is the root cause of the issue.

Also, considering the size of the symbol table in archive, please do the configuration changes given below:

1. Copy the symboltable/backup directory to another drive, and delete the complete backup directory on the local drive. It will save lots of disk space.

2. Change server.properties parameters:

This property defines how long to wait before flushing the default threshold for a newly discovered Server Requests (SRs) out to disk. If a lot of new SRs are coming into the system many jdb files are getting written. Let’s make it 6hour to improve the server performance:

thresholding.synchronize.changes.frequency = 6h


1 Comment

  1. Hello,

    My HP Diagnostics server monitors 28 app servers. Recently I’ve been running out of space. I’ve ignored an error message in the past and now I need to find the root of the issue because Diagnostics has now become unstable often having 5 min intervals of no data recieved.

    Do I need to have “enable=1” in the nanny_cfg ? I’m wondering if a coworker enabled it or if it has always been enabled.

    Love your website.
    Thank you,
    Chris M

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