Error “Symbol table access error” in the Server log file for Diagnostics Server

Symbol table could not acquire a lock for one of its archive files, system operation may result in data inconsistencies. Symbol table access error.

SEVERE archive : Symbol table could not acquire a lock for one of its archive files, system operation may result in data inconsistencies

SEVERE archive : Symbol table access error The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file



at com.mercury.diagnostics.server.persistence.symboltable.impl.AbstractSymbolFile.readInt(

at com.mercury.diagnostics.server.persistence.symboltable.impl.AbstractSymbolFile.readVersion(

at com.mercury.diagnostics.server.persistence.symboltable.impl.AbstractSymbolFile.<init>(

at com.mercury.diagnostics.server.persistence.symboltable.impl.PathAwareSymbolFile.<init>(

at com.mercury.diagnostics.server.persistence.symboltable.impl.SymbolManager.<init>(

at com.mercury.diagnostics.server.persistence.symboltable.impl.SymbolManager.<init>(

There are too many versions of server.nanny. The file can be found in the Diagnostics folder installation: \MercuryDiagnostics\Server\nanny\windows\dat\nanny

To fix this issue

1. Ensure that only one Diagnostics Server is activated. Check the processes that are running.

2. Ensure the mediators are not running in commander mode.

3. Check if there are different versions of server.nanny in:

\MercuryDiagnostics\Server\nanny\windows\dat\nanny (or similar location).

Once there is a single server.nanny file instance the lock exception should no longer occur. A Diagnostics Server restart is required for the changes to take effect.

NOTE: if OS is Linux:

– Double check read/write permissions on it.

– Check that the folders Diagnostics is accessing are set to read/write (file system). Sometimes, with no specific reason an error or a crash in the system makes Linux to change the rights to read only.


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