Information displayed in the Diagnostics UI Layers View for a SAP application

In the HP Diagnostics User Interface (UI) the Layers View presents a breakdown of the processing across the layers in applications being monitored. While the HP Diagnostics User’s Guide provides a description of the information in this view for Java and .NET Agents, there is no documentation describing Layers View information displayed when using a SAP Collector to collect information from a SAP R/3 application.

The Layers View displayed for a SAP R/3 application that is collected using the SAP Collector consists of the following layers:



Interface, and,


The Database layer represents the time spent in the database and may contains the following sub-layers:

Direct Read = READDIRTI – Time for Direct Read Requests in Microseconds

Sequential Read = READSEQTI – Time for Sequential Read Requests in Microseconds

Insert = INSTI – Time Used for Insert Requests in Microseconds

Update = UPDTI – Time for Update Requests in Microseconds

Delete = DELTI – Time for Delete Requests in Microseconds

Commit = COMMITTI – Time for COMMIT WORK in Microseconds

The System layer represents system and may contains the following sub-layers:

Queue = QUEUETI – Dispatcher Waiting Time of a Dialog Step in Milliseconds

Rep Load = REPLOADTI – Time for Loading Report in Microseconds

CUA Load = CUALOADTI – Time for Loading CUA Objects in Microseconds

Dynp Load = DYNPLOADTI – Time for Loading Screen Objects in Microseconds

Roll In = ROLLINTI – Time for SAP Rolling Procedure in Microseconds

Generate = GENERATETI – Generation Time in Microseconds

Enqueue = LOCKTI – Time for Semaphore Locks During a Dialog Step in Microsecs

The Interface layer does not have sub-layers and represents "rollWaitTime", which is received from JCO.Record attribute "ROLLED_OUT". Additional information on this may be found at:

The Application layer also does not have sub-layers and represents all the remaining timespent, that is, Total Time – Interface – Database – System.


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