Manual instrumentation of .NET applications for Diagnostics Probe

Follow these steps to manually configure an ASP application to be instrumented by the Diagnostics Probe:

1) The application is installed as a web site

2) Run the following command:

– <NET PROBE>\bin HP.Util.exe rescanIIS true

3) This will create an AutoDetect.log in <Probe>\log folder. The log file will have a bunch of detected and non-detected ASP.NET applications. For applications that are not detected, you will find a bunch of lines of the format as below:

Discarding non-ASP.NET app (1514616617/Default) (<PATH TO APPLICATION>).

4) See if the path of the application is what you are interested in monitoring. If yes, add the following to probe_config.xml file:

<process enablealldomains="true" name="ASP.NET">

<points file="ASP.NET.points" />

<points file="ADO.points" />

<points file="WCF.points" />

<appdomain enabled="true" name="1514616617/Default “>

</appdomain >


5) Once the above is added to probe_config.xml file, reset IIS and make activity on the application. Now go to log folder and see if the logs are created. If logs are created it is an indication that it is working fine.

For the above appdomain you should have a log with name ASP.NET.XXXXXXX. 1514616617-Default.1.log


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