Silent install of .NET Agent

To perform a silent install of the .NET Agent use the following commands:

For silent install, e.g.:

cmd /c msiexec /quiet /i "C:\DotNetAgentSetup_x86.msi" MEDIATORHOST="<MEDIATOR_HOST>" PROBEGROUP="<dotNet_GROUP>" INSTALLLOCATION="dotNETPROBE_HOMEDIR>" /log dotNetProbe_install.log

For silent un-install, e.g.:

cmd /c msiexec /quiet /x "C:\DotNetAgentSetup_x86.msi" REMOVELOGS="yes" REMOVECONFIG="yes" /log dotNetProbe_rm.log


msiexec /x "D:\Diagnostics_Installers\HPDiagTV.NetAgt_9.10_win32.msi" REMOVELOGS="yes" REMOVECONFIG="yes" /qn /log c:\dotNetProbe_rm.log

For more details about the above commands please refer to:

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