Functionality to get a total number of Server Requests per probe

In order to help control and avoid symbol table explosions it is important to monitor the number of Server Requests injected per each one of the probes into the Diagnostics sever.

This will prevent corruptions in the Archive directory of the Diagnostics Server, which could lead to eventual loss of data.

Starting from version 9.02, it is possible to get an automatic report, available at the following URL:

<IP ADDRESS OF THE SERVER>/persistence/?action=countsr

Which will automatically report the number of symbols generated per probe connected to a mediator instead of having to track them manually.

It has to be accessed on each mediator.

The resultant report shows a scan on all Service Requests that have been received on the server for each probe.

If the number is high and keeps increasing, it indicates unique Service Requests that will have to be controlled.

In upgrade 8.07, this feature is also available.


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