Probes don’t appear in LoadRunner-PC

1. Open the Health View from within the controller.

2. Make sure the probe is listed in the correct registrar.

3 Verify the probe is in AD or enterprise mode.

4. Check /aruba_tmp/aruba.log file in the LoadRunner installation.

Probe fails to participate in a loadtest

If using Performance Center, verify that the “run-time settings” including probe names, before running the load test.

Open the Health View from within the controller to make sure your probe is listed in AD or enterprise mode.

Verify the profiler works from within the Diagnostics UI for the missing probe.

If this does not work, Try setting the /etc/ registered_hostname=<probe_IP_Address>

Application deployed on Glassfish breaks when instrumented with Probe

The application breaks when instrumented with Java Probe. Several errors in Application log of the kind "org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/mercury/opal/capture/proxy/MethodCaptureProxy" are seen

Edit the following files:



and add com.mercury.opal.capture.proxy to the property org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation. Restart the Server

Probe metrics are not displayed in diagnostics server

Check Diagnostics server log file and Health View.

Ping from Diagnostics server to probe by “registered name”.

–Try setting the /etc/ registered_hostname=

–Try to open probe URL /profiler/metrics?xml=true from the Diagnostics server.

–If multi-NIC, check network routing and if need set a static route.

Check time zone on probe and server.

–Make sure when converted to UTC/GMT time is rational.

If server side aggregation

–Telnet to mediator at port 2612 from probe.

•Check mediator name specific in /etc/ can be resolved

If probe side aggregation

–Switch probe to server side aggregation in /etc/, enable.probe.aggregation = false