Requirements and Limitations of .NET Probe for WCF Instrumentation

Monitoring .NET Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services requires .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 or greater. Only the following bindings are supported:

• BasicHttpBinding

• WSHttpBinding

• NetTcpBinding

If your application uses a binding that is not supported, the probe only creates a generic server request for each WCF method. It will not be a web Service and there will be no XVM correlation.

Time synchronization requirements for .NET Agents running in VM Ware Hosts

.NET Agents running in VMware hosts have additional time synchronization requirements. For agents running in a VMware guest, time must be synchronized between the VMware guest and the underlying VMware host. If time is not synchronized properly, the Diagnostics UI could display inaccurate metrics or no metrics at all from a probe running in a VMware guest