Start java probe with different parameters from the command line

All properties except from properties in can be written in command line as an additional java option as follows:

-D<property file name>.propertyname


To set a commander in command line with the argument do as follows:

-Ddispatcher.registrar.url=http://<Commander Host>:2006/registrar/

because the registrar.url property appears in file.

Error: “ Too many open files at Method)

After installing a Diagnostics Probe on the application server, if the following error occurs in the application log: Too many open files at Method)

The number of connections available on the JBoss/Linux server is the cause for this problem. Linux only allows 1024 connections.


The presence of the agent can create the requirement for many more connections than usual.

The fix – set "ulimit -n" in the shell that is running the application server (such as the

"ulimit -n" sets unlimited connections to the Linux/JBoss server, thereby allowed the agent and application to function properly.