List of probes displayed in the Diagnostics UI differ from that displayed by the registrar

In an environment containing several hundred HP Diagnostics probes, if you observe that the list of probes displayed using the Diagnostics UI on the Commander server using the view "Entire Enterprise > Probes" is compared with that displayed by the registrar using:

http://<Commander_name>:2006/registrar/view_components (filtered by just probes)

in some circumstances more probes may appear in the Diagnostics UI view than in the registrar.

The list of probes that is displayed using the Diagnostics UI "Entire Enterprise > Probes" view is based on the information contained in the Diagnostics time series database (TSDB) and consequently is a more historical view of the probes present within a Diagnostics environment. In particular, the TSDB may contain probe data relating to a period when a probe was present that has subsequently been decommissioned or renamed. Thus some probes may appear in the Diagnostics UI that are no longer present within the Diagnostics environment.

However the registrar view that is returned using:


is based on the current Diagnostics environment and while it shows whether each probe is active or not at the time the report is generated, it will reflect more accurately the probes that are present at that time in the Diagnostics environment. Thus it is a more reliable report than that produced by the Diagnostics UI.

However any probes that have lost connectivity to their Mediator or Commander for an extended period of time may not be listed and this may indicate that further investigation is required to determine the underlying reason for this.

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