How to enable Cross VM on probes

Enable Corba cross-VM on both probes. In diagnostics 8.x we added cross-VM support for pure IIOP which covers RMI over IIOP as well.

Enable Corba Cross-VM by following the steps below on both the probes:

a) Disable RMI in the points file in auto_detect.points file ([RMI] active = false)

b) Enable the Corba points (there is a Corba section towards the end of the auto_detect.points file)

c) Read the documentation under [Corba cross-VM Documentation] section of the points file and follow ALL the steps listed there.

d) After doing all of the above, the "jvmEntries" should look something like below.



No data is displayed for “IBM WebSphere” monitors in the Diagnostics tab

LoadRunner: 9.52 running on Windows 2003, HP Diagnostics: Version 8.0, WebSphere Commerce: 6.x on AIX.

Retrieving data for the "Stand Views" graphs in diagnostics is working fine, but nothing is displayed for the "IBM WebSphere" views.

Java 2 Security is NOT enabled. The HP Diagnostics Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) statistic sets are selected as Extended.

Checking the probe.log on the AIX machined shows the following WARN log:

2010-05-06 10:20:09,836 WARN com.mercury.diagnostics.capture.metrics [Metrics Collection] Error initializing com.mercury.diagnostics.capture.metrics.jmx.JMXCollector@ca1f548

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: com.mercury.diagnostics.capture.metrics.jmx.JMXCollector tried to access method com/mercury/diagnostics/capture/metrics/jmx/JMXCollector$AttributesAndDescriptors.add(Ljava/lang/String;Lcom/mercury/diagnostics/common/metrics/MetricDescriptor;)V

Invalid classpath configuration on the IBM Websphere – HP Diagnositcs boot loader on the AIX machine.

Check the Boot Classpath configuration in the WebSphere Admin Console and ensure it has all the correct entries.

In this case it should have read:



but it did not have the first entry (1.4.2__1)

How can a probe (Java Agent) be bound to a specific network interface (NIC)

If the Diagnostics Java Agent (probe) is installed on a server that has multiple network interfaces (NIC) and there is a requirement to ensure that all network communications between the probe and its Mediator server occurs via a specific NIC

To bind the Java Agent (probe) to a specific network interface, edit the probe configuration file:


and specify the host address the probe is to bind to using:

# Host address to bind to. Uncomment this and specify an IP address if

# the SUT has multiple interfaces, and only one should be responding to

# HTTP requests. =

Restart the probe to apply the new configuration.