QuickTest Professional and Flex Support

Support for Adobe (Macromedia) Flex applications is handled by Adobe. Adobe has released Flex Builder 3.0; this release includes the QuickTest Professional Flex add-in. The add-in was developed using QuickTest Professional’s Test Extensibility Architecture functionality. The Flex add-in is developed and owned by Adobe.

Hewlett Packard does not support the Adobe Flex add-in, therefore contact Adobe (http://www.adobe.com) to see about availability, support details, and pricing.

Adobe is providing the add-in via an automation package that is shipped with Flex Builder 3 Professional. Basic information on the automation package with QuickTest Professional integration is here:



Users can download the automation package with QuickTest Professional integration here:


A specific Adobe license is required and needs to be requested from Adobe. No specific Flex license is required on the QuickTest Professional side.

Note: Support for the Flex add-in is being provided by Adobe. Customers/end-users need to contact the Adobe support organization for help with problems or questions related to the Flex add-in.

From the Flex Builder 3 release notes (for an updated version, contact Adobe):

Requirements for Using the QTP Plug-in

To test applications with Flex Automated Testing and the QTP agent, you must install the following:

HP QuickTest Professional 9.1 (no support for Smart Identification), available from HP

HP QuickTest Professional 9.2 and patch 1701 or later if you want Smart Identification support

Adobe Flex 3 Plug-in for HP QuickTest Professional

Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6 or later

Flash Player ActiveX control, version or higher


QuickTest Freezes during interaction with certain types of SAP Web Objects

For the object type (SapButton for example), make sure that ‘html tag’ is a mandatory property for the type of control, and not assistive, in the object identification properties (Tools > Object Identification).