How to limit the SLA calculations of a SiteScope monitor to one measurement

To specify a measurement of a monitor which will be taken into account for SLA calculations, these steps can be followed:

1. Go to the SLA definition.

2. Go to Define KPIs section.

3. Select the SiteScope Monitor CI associated to the metrics that should be measured and edit the KPI on the left panel.

4. Introduce the name of the measurement in the Measurement type field.


If SiteScope measurement is called status, the word status should be introduced.

5. Start the SLA if it is a new SLA or recalculate it if it is a new one.

Probe is not showed up in Diagnostics Enterprise interface

Telnet from Diagnostics server to localhost:2612

–If fails, Check /etc/ timemanager.time_source=

–If timemanager.time_source=ntp, check Diagnostics server can access the internet.

Telnet to port 2612 for the Mediator specified in the property “” in probe’s /etc/ file from probe machine.

Try to open probe URL /profiler/metrics?xml=true from the Diagnostics server.

• Check for Firewalls.

• Check if there is a proxy specified or needed.

• Try changing /etc/

• Try starting probe with -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=<fully qualified name of the Diagnostics server>