Add a new requirement using OTA

Dim i As Object

Dim td As New TDAPIOLELib.TDConnection

td.InitConnectionEx("<servername>:8080/qcbin") td.Login("<username>", "<pwd>") td.Connect("<DOMAIN>", "<project>")

Dim RFact As TDAPIOLELib.ReqFactory

Dim myreq As TDAPIOLELib.Req

RFact = td.ReqFactory

‘Add 5 new requirements to the root

For i = 1 To 5

myreq = RFact.AddItem(System.DBNull.Value)

myreq.Author = "<Enter Name>"

myreq.Name = "<Enter Requirement Name>" & i

myreq.Type = "Undefined" & i



MsgBox("Added 5 new requirements!")

myreq = Nothing

RFact = Nothing



td = Nothing


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