Flex protocol lr_xml_find _values has been replaced by web_reg_save_param_xpath with Patch 4

With LR version 11 with PA lr_xml_get_values has been replaced by function web_reg_save_param_xpath . To perform text checks which was possible in LR version 11 with Patch 3 follow the below mentioned approach.

The new web snapshot does not support find API, but you can use the following steps in order to implement find by yourself :

1. As a result of right click (create parameter) web_reg_save_param_xpath step will be created:









2. Check the parameter content with strcmp function:

if (strcmp(lr_eval_string("{CorrelationParameter_1}"),"123")){

lr_error_message("Error: %s", "Fail");


lr_error_message("Error: %s", "Success");


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