ALM 11: Configuration Wizard does not allow reinstallation

If Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11 needs to be reinstalled then the existing qcsiteadmin_db database which is already on the current version needs to be used for the reinstallation.

The Configuration Wizard cannot complete and results in error "Upgrade to 11.0 is not supported" .

In order to instruct the Configuration Wizard to bypass the check of the Site Admin database version, it is necessary to make the below steps. Then the ALM 11 Configuration Wizard runs without facing the mentioned limitation:

1.Navigate to the ALM Platform installation directory, open the run_after_finish.bat or file for editing.

2.Locate the rem set SKIP_VALIDATIONS line, and do the following:

a) Remove the rem command.

b) After the equal sign, add -wSaSchemaValidator :

set SKIP_VALIDATIONS=-wSaSchemaValidator

3.Save and close the file.

4.Run the file.

5.During the Re-configuration process choose “Upgrade existing schema” option.

NOTE: This limitation is fixed in ALM 11.5 Configuration Wizard which provides a new option "Connect to existing schema / second node". That allows to reconnect to the same qcsiteadmin_db and reinstall ALM 11.5.

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