ALM versioning during bulk operations

Creating many records in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) by copying, importing, or enabling version control on project will result in the following behavior – the first version will be auto-generated when the entity version info is requested for the first time, e.g. one user attempts to view the versions, or check out the entity.

This behavior will be noticed only when performing bulky operations with entities. Here is a more detailed how flow of the process:

If Person A does the copy or import and Person B reviews the data (without checking out/in) then the record’s initial version contains the info of Person B as the actor.

This is true, for the “History/Versions and Baselines” part, because person B is the one who first requests the version info. However, the “History/Audit Log” (another mechanism not related to versioning) should contain the original information, i.e., the changes made by person A. It can provide another way for tracking changes, rather than versioning.

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