Filter out URL in AJAX TruClient Script

When you are scripting using Ajax TruClient protocol and if you encounter the following warning in the replay log (both develop mode and interactive mode)

Notify: Transaction "LastPage" started.

t=00019145ms: Warning -204876: Failed to connect to server "": Connection timed out [MsgId: MWAR-204876]

Notify: Transaction "LastPage" ended with "Pass" status (Duration: 11.3730).

We want this URL in the warning to be filtered out. It looks like the time duration for the transaction is adversely affected due to trying to reach this URL and timing out.

Is there a way to filter the URL in the warning in AJAX TruClient with Firefox so that the warning does not show up ?


Add the following line to the script to filter out the URL :

Utils.addAutoFilter("*", false);

Change the ALM user password for qcsiteadmin schema in Oracle database

The password for qcsiteadmin schema may need to be changed with a new one when using Oracle as a database in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11. This can be achieved by following the next steps. Note that the new password will be only applied to ALM user password for qcsiteadmin schema (different from project schema) and the projects password will not be affected.

Before proceeding with the following steps and making any changes in site administration, the best would be backing up the DB_USER_PASS value that is located in the qcsiteadmin database/schema DBSERVERS table, or ideally backup the whole siteadmin database(qcsiteadmin_db).

Steps to change the default ALM user password for ALM qcsiteadmin_db:

1. First the “Application Lifecycle Management User password” from Site Administration -> DB Servers Tab should be changed with the new one.

This operation updates the DB_USER_PASS column (new password encryption) in the DBSERVERS table in qcsiteadmin_db (Site Administration database/schema)

2. In Oracle Enterprise Manager edit qcsiteadmin_db user and type the new password (same as one)

3. Go and display the contents of DB_USER_PASS column (new password encryption) in the DBSERVERS table in qcsiteadmin_db (Site Administration database/schema) and copy the encrypted value.

Save it somewhere.

4. On the application Server go to the ALM deployment location. For example it would be:


There you will find the siteadmin.xml file preserving information for the created siteadmin schema.

Backup this file just in case.



with the new (updated) DB_USER_PASS value from the DBSERVERS table

5. Save the changes in the siteadmin.xml file.

6. Go to the following location on your Server:

C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\conf and edit the “”

Find the places where the old Encryption of the password is written and change it with the new one. You need to focus over:


7. Restart the HP ALM Service from Services.

8. Try logging to ALM Site Admin page and to any ALM project.

Note that this change does not affect projects user password and they will keep the old ones.

Internet Explorer 10 support as browser with Application Lifecycle Management

Currently Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 is supported only in HP Application Lifecycle Management version 11 with the following limitations:

1. Only 32 bits version of Microsoft IE 10 is supported.

2. IE 10 is supported only with Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 operating system.

3. Patch 14 or higher of ALM 11 is required before using IE 10 as a browser.

Maximum number of screenshots for the Sprinter storyboard

There is no maximum number of screenshots that can be placed on the Sprinter storyboard. However, capturing all images for too many steps can affect performance, increase upload time to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and will consume a lot of server disk space. It is not recommended to save all screenshots in ALM unless it is a must due to the mentioned reasons.