Filter out URL in AJAX TruClient Script

When you are scripting using Ajax TruClient protocol and if you encounter the following warning in the replay log (both develop mode and interactive mode)

Notify: Transaction "LastPage" started.

t=00019145ms: Warning -204876: Failed to connect to server "": Connection timed out [MsgId: MWAR-204876]

Notify: Transaction "LastPage" ended with "Pass" status (Duration: 11.3730).

We want this URL in the warning to be filtered out. It looks like the time duration for the transaction is adversely affected due to trying to reach this URL and timing out.

Is there a way to filter the URL in the warning in AJAX TruClient with Firefox so that the warning does not show up ?


Add the following line to the script to filter out the URL :

Utils.addAutoFilter("*", false);


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