Sprinter crashes when executing a test run

Sometimes it is possible to successfully launch Sprinter, connect to an ALM project and open a test set but when pressing the <Run> button to start the run, Sprinter crashes.

This problem is usually caused by an incompatibility between the operating system and Sprinter Screen Capture which uses the third-party Blueberry’s API for recording movies. It could be due to:

The system video drivers
The machine virtual memory: In general, a minimum of 1GB is required by Sprinter but this amount is increased when testing applications with multiple technologies or when using the Automatic screen movie recording option to capture movies during run sessions.
It is considered a limitation of the mentioned 3rd party component.

To workaround this issue, please disable Sprinter movie recording feature by following the below steps:

Open Sprinter “Settings” menu.
Select “Save” tab.
Disable “Automatic screen movie recording”. If the option is grayed-out, please log in to the ALM project used by Sprinter, select “Tools -> Customize…”, highlight “Sprinter” section and disable the option “Allow attaching movies to defects”.


Disable the Auto Launch of Sprinter Agent

You can disable this option in the following two different ways.

1)  From the Remote Agent icon in the Taskbar:

Right click on the Sprinter Remote Agent icon and click over “Run when computer starts” in order to uncheck it.


 image textimage text

2) From Registry:

Go to the registry key, “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” and delete the registry value, “SprinterAgent” to disable the auto start of the Sprinter Agent.

Change HP Sprinter 11.52 Port for communication with HP ALM

Sometimes the port for HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) server could be different from the default one 8080.

This could bring some issues with HP Sprinter 11.52 because it is using that port.

In this situation this port could be changed with editing some configuration files in HP Sprinter 11.52.

Follow these steps in order to change the Sprinter port:

1. Navigate to program files of the client machine.

2. Open ~/HP/Sprinter/Bin

Find the following three configuration files:

– Sprinter.exe.config

– SprinterAgent.exe.config

– SprinterRTE.exe.config

In each file find <add key="InspectionPort" value="8080"/> and change the port to some other available port.

Save the changes and try to start Sprinter.

Maximum number of screenshots for the Sprinter storyboard

There is no maximum number of screenshots that can be placed on the Sprinter storyboard. However, capturing all images for too many steps can affect performance, increase upload time to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and will consume a lot of server disk space. It is not recommended to save all screenshots in ALM unless it is a must due to the mentioned reasons.