Sprinter crashes when executing a test run

Sometimes it is possible to successfully launch Sprinter, connect to an ALM project and open a test set but when pressing the <Run> button to start the run, Sprinter crashes.

This problem is usually caused by an incompatibility between the operating system and Sprinter Screen Capture which uses the third-party Blueberry’s API for recording movies. It could be due to:

The system video drivers
The machine virtual memory: In general, a minimum of 1GB is required by Sprinter but this amount is increased when testing applications with multiple technologies or when using the Automatic screen movie recording option to capture movies during run sessions.
It is considered a limitation of the mentioned 3rd party component.

To workaround this issue, please disable Sprinter movie recording feature by following the below steps:

Open Sprinter “Settings” menu.
Select “Save” tab.
Disable “Automatic screen movie recording”. If the option is grayed-out, please log in to the ALM project used by Sprinter, select “Tools -> Customize…”, highlight “Sprinter” section and disable the option “Allow attaching movies to defects”.


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