HP Sprinter 11.50 installation hangs at “run_before_finish.bat” step

While installing Sprinter, the installation process hangs and cannot be finished successfully. No errors are observed, but in task manager the process "AddFullTrust.exe" is showed, but it is not progressing. If manually killed that process, the installation continued.

The reason of the problem is old version (1.1.xxx and older) of Microsoft .NET Framework installed on the machine.

The problem has been resolved in Sprinter 11.52 installer that can be downloaded from https://hpln.hp.com/group/sprinter.

If for some reason it is necessary to use an old installer please follow below steps to successfully install Sprinter:

1. Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP):

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

Under Pick a category, click Performance and Maintenance.

Under or Pick a Control Panel icon, click System.

Click the Advanced tab, and in the Startup and Recovery area, click Settings.

In the SystemStartup area, click Edit.

In Notepad, click Edit and then click Find.

In the Find what field, type /noexecute and then click Find Next.

In the Find dialog box click Cancel.

Replace the policy_level (for example, "OptIn" default) with "AlwaysOff" (without the quotes).

WARNING: Be sure to enter the text carefully. Your boot.ini file switch should now read:


In Notepad, click File and then click Save.

Click OK to close Startup and Recovery.

Click OK to close System Properties and then restart your computer.

2. Uninstalling of the old version of .NET Framework, which is causing the problem.

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