How to restore the settings of the “manual mapping” window

The above steps only apply to Sprinter 11.52 (SP2) and above. (the previous versions do not support this feature)

In Data Injection sidebar, once the user tries to Inject Data or “Show Fields Mapping”, if no mapping exists for any field – the user will be prompted whether he wants to Map Manually or let Sprinter Map Automatically. The user can choose not to show the message again and then Sprinter will remember his preference.

To delete the saved preference from Sprinter (for Sprinter to show the message again), the user should do the following:

– Download the Settings.xml from ALM:

o Browse to the relevant ALM server.

o Login to the relevant domain and project.

o Select Test Resources under Testing tab.

o In the Resource tree on the right, select General under the relevant user.

o On the Resource Viewer tab, click on Download.

– Find the “PrefferedMappingType” key

– Change its value to “NotSet”.

– Upoad the file to ALM

o Click on Upload File in the Resource Viewer Tab

o Select the file you’ve updated and Click OK.

– Restart Sprinter for the changes to take place.

Sprinter Installation: Sprinter’s GAC clean utility

Previous version of Sprinter 11.52 does not properly remove all the GAC when Sprinter is uninstalled.

As a result Sprinter upgrade procedure will fail to install the latest GAC agents which will result in run time errors

To Properly un install Sprinter GAC agent, the installation process of Sprinter 11.52 was changed.

The following step was added to the installation flow :

After installing the prerequisite and before installing Sprinter we run a utility called CleanUtility which is present under Sprinter’s DVD\Sprinter\EN\ folder and also installed in Sprinter’s 11.52 bin directory.

This utility checks if an old versions of Sprinter are installed and in case they are , This tool will do the following steps:

1. Un install Old sprinter version.

2. Un install Sprinter’s gac agents, (the specific GAC agents details are configured in an .xml which is place alongside the .exe file.

The .xml name is CleanFiles.xml.

After this step finish, Sprinter’s 11.52 installation will start.

Exceptions :

· Silent installation of Sprinter from the msi directly will be blocked in case old version of Sprinter are installed.

To work around it, the silent installation script should first execute the clean utility using this command line.

CleanUtility.exe “[PathToCleanFiles.xml]”

· Executing the clean utility post Sprinter 11.52 (in case several gac files failed to un install during the first execution):

In this case, the clean utility should be executed using the following command line.

CleanUtility.exe “[PathToCleanFiles.xml]” run

· On certain machines there might be additional GAC agent beside those registered in cleanFiles.xml which aren’t properly un installed by Sprinter older version.

In this case the user will need to manually add those entries in Cleanfiles.xml.

How to add file :

<CleanFile RelativePath="Policy.9.5.Mercury.QTP.WpfAgent" RegType="gac" RunTime="DotNet2">




RelativePath = the dll name without the .dll extension

RegType= gac

RunTime = DontNet2 if the .dll is present under C:\windows\assembly, if it’s under 1 of the GAC folders in C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly it’s DotNet4.

PublicKeyToken and version should be extracted using a reflector.

After installation of Java Add-in, IBM Lotus Notes cannot start up

After installing Java Add-in from Sprinter (built-in), QuickTest Professional (QTP), or Unified Functional Testing (UFT), the mailing application IBM Lotus Notes cannot start up any more (infinite cycling re-launching again and again, after entering login/password).

To solve the problem the below steps should be applied:

Locate the "" file under Lotus Notes installation folder (by default C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework\rcp\deploy) and make a backup of the file.

Open the file (with notepad for example) and added the following at the end of the file: env.unset.Java_Tool_Options

Save the file and try to run Lotus Notes.

Note: The reported behavior is already documented in IBM Lotus Notes Forum as pure Lotus configuration error –