How to collect Sprinter WIAgent Logs

Log File Collection Instructions

· Navigate to <Sprinter Install Folder>\bin\ folder, open WIAgentLogCfg.ini and set logging level to 4

· Set the log file path in WIAgentLogCfg.ini (ensure the path exists)

· Start Sprinter and reproduce the scenario – attach all Sprinter logs and WIAgentlogs.

Additional Tips:

Before collecting the logs .In order, to reduce the amount of data/information collected in the log files.

· Unload unnecessary add ins, load only the essential add ins

· Disable mirroring (if it is already enabled), unless the issue is specifically with mirroring

· Also it would be helpful if the actions performed are captured in a WebEx movie, that way the steps in the log file can be correlated with user actions.

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