Limitations when working with Google Chrome browser

Below are the limitations when working with Google Chrome browsers

· Recording steps in Google Chrome is not supported

· The following methods are not supported

o Browser.Home

o Browser.FullScreen

o Browser.ClearCache

o Browser.Object

· Running steps in the following scenarios is not supported:

o chrome://* pages

o Multiple tabs

o Multiple browsers

o Web pages that include frame sets or Chrome Frames

o WebXML test objects

o Web test objects located inside iFrame controls with a ‘blank’ or ‘about:blank’ SRC identification property value

o Developer Tools pane (Running steps on Google Chrome while the Developer Tools pane is open is supported.)

o Web 2.0 test objects or Web Extensibility-based test objects

o Web-based environments, such as SAP Web, Siebel, Java, .NET WebForms , and so on

· Chrome embedded browser process

· Embedded Chrome controls

· Google Chrome Plug-in. Note: The Internet/Firefox add-on/plug-in to load Chrome Frames

· Dialog Popup recognition. Note: For more details see Document ID KM00494510 – QTP/UFT does not recognize Popup Dialogs in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser currently uses Automatic Updates, which may automatically upgrade browser to unsupported version.

Workaround: In order to disable the auto updates you can refers to the Google documentation:


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