Setup Sprinter logs

Location of Sprinter logs

1. Go to Windows Start, then to "Run"

2. Type command: %appdata%\HP\Sprinter\Log\

3. Click "Ok" (or press Enter key)

Configuration of Sprinter logs

1. Close Sprinter

2. Erase or rename the log(s) files.

3. Open the configuration file:

· Core features: Sprinter.exe.Config file (<Sprinter>\bin\Sprinter.exe.Config, for example: "C:\Program Files\HP\Sprinter\bin\Sprinter.exe.Config")

· Others:

o SprinterRTE.exe.Config file (Mirroring feature)

o SprinterAgent.exe.config

4. Locate on opened configuration file, the XML node structure equivalent to below:




<add switchValue="All" name="General">

5. Change the value for the xml attribute called "switchValue" to be "All"

6. Restart Sprinter

7. Reproduce undesired behavior

8. Collect logs

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