How to force a BSAE User Import

To force a user import from the configured authentication sources through the Business Service Automation Essentials (BSAE) jmx-console you should follow the following procedure.

1. Open a browser to the jmx-console web site.(i.e. https://{hostname/IP}:8443/jmx-console)

2. Login as the BSAE admin user

3. Scroll down to the "" section near the bottom of the page.

4. Click on service=SourceUserMapper

5. Scroll down to the table entry for "UserImportEnabled" and click on the "TRUE" radio button.

6. Also click on the "TRUE" radio button for the "UserMappingEnabled"

7. Click on the "Apply Changes" button to save these settings. (Note: There will be no change in the line other than the radio button being blanked out.)

8. At this point you may want to tail the /var/log/opsware/omdb/server.log to watch the user import process for errors or confirmation.

9. Scroll down to the "void startImportUsersThread()" section and click the "Invoke" button.

10. This should begin the user import process for the configured authentication sources.

BSAE: No data in the compliance universe / force nightly compliance job to run

When creating a report in BASE using the SA Compliance universe it produces no data. The compliance universe is calculated with a nightly job and as such data is not immediately available after load. There may be an error message that states that the query results cannot be null.

The Business Service Automation Essentials (BSAE) compliance data is not generated real time. Due to the complexity of the calculations the data is produced with a nightly job that runs as part of the BSAE job scheduler at midnight each night by default.

If you are trying to look at data that has been generated before the nightly job runs, it will not be available. There are reasons that the nightly job could fail if for example the database has been brought down for maintenance or a backup.

It is possible to manually run the nightly compliance job through the BSAE jmx-console utility using the following process.

1. Open a supported browser to the url "https://host:8443/jmx-console" where host is the hostname or ip address of the BASE application server

2. Login to the jmx-console with the BSA Essentials admin user and password

3. Scroll to the very bottom of that page to the section named "omdb.system"

4. Click on the link "service=SchedulerConfigurator"

5. Scroll to the very bottom of that page

6. Click on the invoke button under the section "java.lang.String printJobs()"

7. Note the number in the ID column for the job named "BO Data Job".

8. Click on the "Back to MBean View" link towards the top of the screen

9. Find the section titled "boolean forceRunOfJob()"

10. Put the number from the ID column of the "BO Data Job" into the "ParamValue" text box under the "boolean forceRunOfJob()" section.

11. Click on the invoke button at the bottom of the "boolean forceRunOfJob()" section.

12. Click on the "Back to MBean View" link towards the top of the screen

13. Scroll to the very bottom of that page

14. Click on the invoke button under the section "java.lang.String printJobs()"

15. Note the value in the "Last Run" and "Last Run Status". They should be the current time and the status should be successful. If they have not been updated yet, click on the "Back to MBean View" and repeat until the "Last Run" and "Last Run Status" are updated.